Ancient Wisdom

Since the beginning of time humans have looked up into the heavens with awe and wonder. The cycles of the day and year and the apparent movements of the lights in the night sky have formed regular patterns.
Some light bodies seem to be stationary, whereas other lights appear to be moving either forward or backward.

In English, the stationary lights were called stars while the moving lights have been called planets, meaning the wanderers. The Maharishi (Greater Teachers/Thinkers), whose work comprises the Vedas, used a different word for what we call the planets. The word they used was Graha. Graha translates to mean that which can grab and they attributed special energy to the seven bodies that are visible to the naked eye: the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter Venus, and Saturn. In addition the Maharishi gave special meaning to the two mathematical points marking where the Moon crosses the earth’s ecliptic. In English these points are called the north and south nodes, whereas in the Vedas and in Jyotish these points are called Rahu and Ketu.

Before explaining why the Maharishi labelled these bodies differently it is important to consider their way of understanding creations. Over the many centuries since the Vedas were complied, mystics and philosophers from all cultures have arrived at similar conclusions to those expressed in the ancient writing, namely that everyone and everything is connected. In addition they said everything has varying degree of consciousness and that all forms of consciousness are capable of inter-relating. These ancient teachings support the ideas of David Bohm, a world renowned quantum physicist.

The strength attributed to the Graha was a direct result of their cosmology, a cosmology that continues to be re-affirmed as our current knowledge expands. To the Ancients the consciousness of each Graha is sufficiently powerful to ‘grab on to’ all other forms of consciousness, and thereby effect whatever they touch. It is the explanation that lays the foundation for the importance and accuracy of all forms of astrology.

Today scientists are re-discovering that activity taking place on the Sun has a direct impact on people’s health. This connection was made clear when the correlation between high sun-spot activity and the significant rise in the increased incidents of heart related emergencies and sudden increases in blood pressure were seen to be related. What makes this finding so interesting is not that it does occur, but rather, that the Ancients claimed the Sun was directly linked to the well-being a person’s heart. This and many other correlations and confirmation by recent findings continue at a most refreshing pace to support ancient teachings.

The Sages describe the movement of the Grahas to be a tool for humans, a tool leading to greater self-understanding and self-knowledge which thereby enable a person to make self-supporting and self-honoring decisions. As the Ancients, and all mystics throughout time have declared, the only real knowledge is self-knowledge.

This idea can seem quite foreign. However, recent research is indicating there really is communication between different forms of life and matter. It has been found that the communication takes place as a result of light transfer, a light that both modern scientists and ancient Rishi identify as consciousness. In other articles there will be more discussion on the multitude of the supporting and validating evidence for this transfer of knowledge which grows daily.