I use an honour system. Not all people can afford to pay my fees, yet the information a reading provides can give the tools a person requires. Therefore, I leave it to you to decide what you can afford. For those people who are able, my fees are listed below.

  • Birth chart includes the opportunity to send an email with any question arising as an ‘after thought’, following the first consultation. $200.00
  • Annual chart and review. $125.00
  • Comparison of two charts (communication tips are provided). $125 – $250
  • Child’s chart (including parenting tips). $125
  • Individual mood and energy cycles, including a half hour consultation. $50.00
  • Examination of a current situation. Cost varies seldom more than $75.00


Book an Appointment:

Call (250) 757-9498 or use email to contact me and set up an appointment. Please have your date, time and city of your birth handy when you contact me. In addition try to have 3 – 4 milestone dates which I will use to confirm the accuracy of your chart. Milestone dates are usually such things as:

  • Marriage
  • birth of children
  • divorce
  • the passing of beloved ones
  • anything that has been a major turning point in your life

Appointments will be conducted over the telephone and our conversation will be recorded on an Mp3 and sent to you via email.