Once again, we are seeing the teachings of the ancients being reconfirmed. This morning an article came in the mail. The article started with a definition that warmed my heart: Chronobiology is a branch of biology that examines periodic phenomena in the body and how we adapt to solar and lunar related rhythms.

Relationships Matter

The relationships between beliefs, judgments and actions matter. The fact of the matter is, beliefs are linked to judgments. Judgments shape actions toward all subjects, including different forms of astrology. Within any culture there are ideas and beliefs about creation, the existence of good and evil, expectations and responsibilities. What these ideas entail is vitally important and need to be reflected on from time to time.

Religion, Language and Culture – Part One

Religion contributes to life within any culture by providing an explanation and reason for existence. Religion also brings people together under one umbrella while providing hope, and sometimes confidence, for a positive future. Religions shape the way people see themselves, others and the world around them.

The Second Source

The second source to confirm ancient knowledge is a collection of literature. The collection comes from the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Puranas of India. These volumes hold remarkable science, some of which our present cultures are only beginning to look at. For example, the Upanishads deal directly with levels of consciousness at a considerably higher level than can be dealt with today. A short explanation of what these works deal with will help the reader to understand the significance of the knowledge they contain.

We Know…

There are two sources of ancient knowledge. The oldest first-hand information available about the ‘science’ of the ancients is preserved in astronomically aligned structures like the pyramids and monuments such as Stonehenge etc. The second source of ancient science is called the Veda, the knowledge from an ancient Vedic culture. These two sources of information remind us our ancient relatives were much more than uneducated thugs and cave dwellers. Nor can we continue to assume the roots of all knowledge rest within the last 5000 years.