A Lecture for Parksville Branch of Shift in Action

February 19, 2015, 7 pm 
Parksville Community Center
Contact for information: [email protected]

A Broader View

Not all studies of astrology are the same. The astrology practiced in ancient India has been sustained over the centuries and remains alive and vibrant today. The study called Jyotish a word made up of two Sanskrit concepts: Jyoti meaning light or knowledge and Ishta meaning creation.

The similarities and differences from the study of astrology as it is popularly known in the West will be the topic for the evening. The comparisons will offer the attendees another way of seeing the world, their place in it and the importance of personal effort. Tools and techniques aimed at supporting consciousness, as recognized in this study, will be provided.

Phyllis Chubb lives in the little community on Vancouver Island, called Bowser. It is from here that she practices and teaches Jyotish, on-line and in-person classes, full time. She also enjoys writing about her favorite topics: Jyotish and Consciousness. Over the years, Phyllis has had the opportunity to teach, lecture and be published internationally as well as at home in Canada. Academically she holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in Human Relations (Psychology and Psychiatry). She just completed the 5 year, post graduate Jaimini Scholar program. In April she leaves for Europe and more intense Jyotish studies. Phyllis’ students gain hours toward their eventual accreditation through the Council of Vedic Astrology (CVA). For more information about mentorship and certification, visit the CVA website at or contact Phyllis personally through her website.

Contact Phyllis for booking (250) 757-9498 / [email protected]


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