A long but narrow picture of a heron standing in a still lake, surrounded by a dense forest was good representation of me. Then something happened.

Heading to my office, for no reason, I suddenly started to cry and my heart began to race. Through my tears I looked up at a stranger. I wanted him, immediately. Judging by his reaction, he too was fighting a similar urge, as my tears continued to flow. They weren’t sad tears. They felt more like ecstatic tears of joy. I think I even had a smile on my face.

He was visiting Simon Fraser University, where I taught in Biology. Life and death were facts. He was researching near death experiences. Love for me was an illusion, love for him was real. Death for me was final, death for him was a new beginning.

Was there a chance he was right, on both accounts?

Real Love is Calm book cover


Claire wanted a man who was completely devoted to her. She got him. Josh said he wanted her all to himself and desired only her happiness. Her friends and family said wait. She said she knew what she was doing. She married him and three months later became a widow. The three months equaled a life-time of leaning about the finer points of love. Without her experiences would she have known the love she shares now with Mark?

Love is Eternal book cover


Pauline is independent. Her world is orderly. She knows what is right and what is wrong, what is logical and what is nonsense. Life was simple until she met Jay. With one exception he fit comfortably into her world. Her only problem was his weird beliefs. She wasn’t sure she could live with someone who thought the way he did. Jay said what he thought had nothing to do with her. He said she was free to believe whatever she wanted. She wasn’t so sure his belief would have no effect on her. 
Then the day came when she realized his beliefs had affected her but, was she grateful?

Awakening the Conscious Mind book cover


Becoming conscious demands consistent personal effort. There is no one-size fits all series of steps, rather each person must follow their own truth. This book provides a vast array of methods to begin the process of finding your truth in order to become and stay conscious.