Six Challenges to Happiness

 Before examples about marriage challenges are provided there is basic information falling under the category of life truths, to discuss. Most humans prefer sugar on their medicine. Whether we get the sugar or not, doesn’t matter, what matters is we will get the medicine, in varying strengths, until a disorder has been cured. There’s a couple points to remember when dealing with this, all of which will make our lives easier.

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The Joy of Marriage

Marriage isn’t for everyone, although most of us try it at least once. One way to find out if you are a good candidate for this type of relationship is to look at your birth, it tells you what you came with. Remember, what you came with is not always what you will have to get.

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Star size comparison. How big is our Sun compared to other stars? In this popular video, the relative sizes of planets and stars are shown from smallest to largest. See the NASA explanation here.