The major difference between Tropical and Sidereal systems

Consider this…
The major difference between Tropical and Sidereal systems has nothing to do with the accuracy of either system or their appropriate application.
This is the first, in a series of articles which will present a wide range of topics, directly and indirectly, associated with the use and application of Tropical and Sidereal astrology. Other related disciplines and branches of science, such as Physics, specifically non-locality, and current findings due to the expansion of scientific thought, such as near-death-experiences (NDE). Let’s begin.

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Science, Consciousness and Jyotish

The barriers to merging Tropical and Sidereal (Jyotish) astrology are similar to the barriers of understanding consciousness. The arguments used to define an expanded view of consciousness are the same as those needed to understand Jyotish. Basically, consciousness is not tied to matter, it is greater than matter and exists both within and outside matter. Consciousness is energy and energy cannot be destroyed, hence the great value of Jyotish.

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Star size comparison. How big is our Sun compared to other stars? In this popular video, the relative sizes of planets and stars are shown from smallest to largest. See the NASA explanation here.