My first word was why. “Why do (we) people act the way they do”? This simple word has led me into various fields of inquiry and years of study. Metaphysics led to Western Astrology, which led to Psychology and a Master’s degree (1986) in Human Relations. (Working with community counselling and psychiatry (Schizophrenia)). These paths prepared me for an introduction to Jyotish (Eastern or Vedic Astrology) and that led to the Veda of India. The Veda led me to world history, physics and back to my original question: why do we act the way we do. As I approach my eightieth year, I want to share the answers and reasons I have found.

To achieve this goal I have written novels, articles on topics as diverse as history, religions, relationships, politics and will continue to do so. The purpose of the writing is not to declare truth but rather to stimulate thoughts and the possibility of alternative views.

I live on Vancouver Island on the West Coast of Canada with my husband and our boss, Mr. Charlie. Mr. Charlie is known as a Spitz or American Eskimo dog. According to social expectations I should have retired thirteen years ago. Retirement hasn’t become part of my self-image, as yet. Obviously, I am a late bloomer.

Recommended Reading:

Gobekli Tepe by Andrew Collins

Heaven’s Mirror by Graham Hancock and Santha Faiia