Six Challenges to Happiness

 Before examples about marriage challenges are provided there is basic information falling under the category of life truths, to discuss. Most humans prefer sugar on their medicine. Whether we get the sugar or not, doesn’t matter, what matters is we will get the medicine, in varying strengths, until a disorder has been cured. There’s a couple points to remember when dealing with this, all of which will make our lives easier.

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The Joy of Marriage

Marriage isn’t for everyone, although most of us try it at least once. One way to find out if you are a good candidate for this type of relationship is to look at your birth, it tells you what you came with. Remember, what you came with is not always what you will have to get.

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Sun Spot Activity

Monitoring sun spot activity may be new to us, yet it was well known to the ancients of India. Currently, sun spots are monitored for their effect upon the earth’s atmosphere. The ancients of India also monitored solar activity, attributing meaning to the array of patterns formed, and their effect on weather and political situations.

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Cyclical Time

The internet is making vital information available to all who seeks it. There is a program on Netflix called The Pyramid Code. The program is listed under documents. This five part series does more to aid understanding of the cyclical nature of time than anything we have been taught so far. Students and people curious about where we are in the calendar of the earth need to see part 5 of the series.

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A Good Question

A person recently asked the following questions: What is the difference between planets, houses and signs in astrology, “I feel confused in understanding the difference?” What a fantastic question! Books have been written on these points! Planets are physical bodies...

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The Meaning of Yoga

Yoga's Magic. Yoga is a short word and, like many short words it covers a multitude of options. Commonly yoga is thought of as a form of exercise. It’s a way to keep the body in fine form. But the word is much more than simple exercise although the focused exercise of...

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In the greater scheme of things gender bias has no foundation. Yes, it is true the male of any species carried the fertilizing component necessary for impregnation. This fact is often sited as being the foundation of male superiority. Whoever supports this male...

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Learning is Possible…

Learning we really are able to make choices about our feelings, thoughts and actions, can be surprising. When this was explained to one woman her response was, “that’s going to be boring. I like my mood swings, I like drama.” Some people do like drama, no question...

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The Role of the Astrologer

The role of the astrologer is to provide information and clarity for an individual. It is not the role of the astrologer to make another person’s decisions. It is the role of the astrologer to provide appropriate tools for an individual to use in their lives as they...

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