Life is designed for us to seek answers, to
find out who we are and why we are here.
Relationships of all types between people,
things and ideas provide answers to many of
our questions.


What if?

What if? What if current scientific research finds out the body we can see, isn’t the only body we have? What if there really are two other invisible bodies, like the ancients say? We know the body we’re so fond of is the temporary one, and it enabling us to have...

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More Than Just Us

There is ample evidence showing whole strains of humans have come and gone. Maybe we too will be replaced. Maybe our days are numbered? At the moment DNA testing is showing how we are all related to each other, one way or another. According to legend, and DNA research, we certainly aren’t the only critter to fall under the heading of human. Just as there are birds, many different varieties of birds, archeology shows us there have been other forms of human beings. 

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The Measure of a Person’s Character

The measure of a person’s character is best seen when the person is given power and authority. Some people can become consumed with pride, ego and disregard for others. Other people, less affected by self-interest, think of unity and well-being of all.

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Phyllis has been a life-long student of life and the theories of living well. Now, supposedly in retirement, she continues to ask questions and share answers. Through her life she has collected titles, and travelled around the world, twice. She has had many blessings and gifts of knowledge from wise people and continues to share these gifts.

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