Last time I wrote about the ancient theory of three bodies. The Physical body we can see, and is so important when we are awake. The Subtle body can’t be seen but is important for many things. The Causal body that is important for our deep sleep and more, such as our likes and dislikes.

Although we can’t see the Causal body, we can certainly see the effect of it. The Causal body carries all our traits, our likes, dislikes, talents and our willingness to focus. Look at a baby or toddler, and evidence for the Causal body will be present. For example, in a family of four children it’s possible to find a child with a fine sense of humor, one happy in a mess, one a neat-freak, and another who wants to run away. Why does this happen? The children were raised by the same parents, in the same house, under the same rules but all four are different.

Apparently the causal body never forgets, from one life to another, what we focused on. Maybe our lives really are connected to how we think?