What if?

What if current scientific research finds out the body we can see, isn’t the only body we have? What if there really are two other invisible bodies, like the ancients say? We know the body we’re so fond of is the temporary one, and it enabling us to have experiences. We know something is a fact when we experience it. Apparently the other two bodies, Subtle body and Causal body, are far more enduring than the body called ‘me’.

According to the ancients our physical body is only useful when we are awake. When awake our senses, which are bound by time and space, enable us to relate to what we see. According to them, the Subtle body becomes active when we dream, and it is not bound by time or space. In the dream world we can walk on water and leap tall buildings. When the Causal body is active, we’re in dreamless sleep. This may be the least substantial body but it is thought to be the most important. Especially when it comes to our likes and dislikes. Could the main job of the Causal body, be to help us be individuals?

We know we live in the third dimension, four if we add time. In Physics something called String Theory, suggests there are ten or more dimensions. What if the other two bodies, we can’t see, really do belong to another dimension?