Charlie Sheen’s recent admission of being HIV positive has created quite a stir, but surprised no one given the high degree of his self- proclaimed sexual activity. Considered a bad-boy for some time it may be interesting to look at his birth chart (shown below. As will be seen his chart more than confirms his horrific track record in terms of relationships and poor decision making capabilities.

When it came to finding happiness within this fellow has serious difficulty. Whenever a person has the Arudha of the 6th house in the 4th house of happiness there is difficulty. The difficulty arises within the individual’s critical mind. For example, if a person having this pattern is shown a rose rather than saying the rose is beautiful they will identify a petal out of order or bent. In other words, they readily see what is wrong, as opposed to what is right, in any situation. This trait is hard on relationships.

Born on a Friday Venus, the planet of sensuality, love and marriage, will be particularly strong in his life. Unfortunately for him, and the multitude of people he has associated with, Venus is debilitated in his chart. When a planet is debilitated it does not mean it is weak, what it means is the less than positive energies of the planet will be seen. Such has been the case with Charlie.

Being born on Friday certainly doesn’t condemn a person to the type of life this man has had. It takes combination of many other factors for there to be such a significant challenge. For example in his chart there are two areas representing similar results. One is the probability of him being able to have a satisfactory relationship and the second relates to how he sees the world and processes information.

To check the probability for a successful marriage at least 5 factors need to be assessed:
-The 7th house which represents such relationships
-The 7th lord
-The karaka or significator of marriage for a man which is Venus
-The Upapada Lagna which represents our ability to give to another among other things
-The Darakaraka (DK) which also represents a spouse.

In Charlie’s case
-His 7th house is lorded by a malefic Mars and aspected by Saturn and Rahu. This combination results in a curse, clearly showing happy marriage will be a challenge for this man to obtain.
-The 7th lord Mars sits in the 6th house making it the house of loss from the 7th house. Mars too is afflicted by rasi drishti (aspect) from Saturn and Rahu. Yes, Jupiter also aspects Mars however Jupiter is not well place in the second house in Gemini. The Sun sitting in the sign of Leo also aspects Mars however in terms of Best/Worse position his Sun is sitting in the exact opposite of its strongest placement, which weakens the Sun’s influence.
-Venus, the karaka of marriage for a man has already been identified as being extremely challenged.
-His Upapada (UP) sits in Capricorn in the 9th house, it too is aspected by the two malefics Rahu and Mars and is lorded by Saturn.
-His Darakaraka (DK) is changeable Mercury, clearly showing the probability of multiple partners in his life, and who can say that hasn’t be the case?

The next factor is how he sees the world, shown in part with the placement of the Moon. His Moon sits in debility in the 8th house of transition, sexuality and unseen things generally. There is no support for the Moon when it is taken to the all-important Navamsa (D-9) chart as there it sits in Aries in the 9th house conjoined Saturn and Mercury, aspected by the malefics Mars, Rahu and Saturn constituting a full curse.

One common factor in the pattern of the Saturn Moon connection is the addiction factor commonly indicating alcoholism or drugs.

There are numerous other factors that could be examined, all of which support the situation this man is in today, however what had been shown is more than enough confirmation. For those people who keep their eye cocked to the Ashtakavarga totals Charlie’s first house holds 40 bindi, indicating the extreme degree to which he wants his own way.

Moods and impulsive behaviours have been very much a part of his history, this too is confirmed when his mood cycle is plotted.


Given his natural appreciation for feeling good, the probability for an addiction becomes evident in his case. Again, it’s important to remember it take more than one indices to create any condition.

For a very brief look at what this man can expect in his near future, two common dasas, the Tithi Pravesh and current transits be quickly glanced at.

Vimshottari dasa emphasizing his thinking pattern is currently running Rahu sits in his first house, in a nakshatra lorded by the Moon. Even though Rahu is exalted in Taurus this position does nothing positive for his peace of mind.

The Chara dasa showing external life events, emphasizing his first house and issues pertaining to him personally, show Scorpio/Taurus is currently running and will be until Feb 1, 2016. Given the natal activity of these signs, this is not a positive influence and is hitting him at the most personal level possible.

In addition his Tithi Pravesh (annual birth chart showing the relationship between the Sun and the Moon) is emphasising the 12th house of loss.

As for current transits, Saturn is in Scorpio where it aspects his 9th house of law, his first house of self and his 4th house of happiness. In today’s news there was some indication he will be facing a variety of legal issues as a result of his admitted health condition.

In conclusion, it would be more than fair to say this man is not happy and his immediate future will not be bringing him the pleasure and self-satisfaction he has sought in his life. I would assume that today Charlie is accepting support via some form of mood altering medication to deal with his current state of mental unrest.

All in all, this has been a challenging life for him in many ways. Given his Atmakaraka (AK) representing his soul is Venus, which has been seriously afflicted in this life, it is possible his soul has learned a great.