My search into history has paid off. One highlight was the discovery of an culture older, older than the Vedic culture. While reading the Vedas I’m surprised at the number of times I read expressions of gratitude toward the ancients. I had thought the Vedic culture was the ancient culture but after reading in the Vedas, this wasn’t the case. Knowledge held within the Vedic culture had come from yet an older culture.

The second exciting part is about how much of our current ideas around history are all wrong. As I read, and more of the dots connected, the more I realize how we have lost so much. Today we can regain important information, if we choose. Information about ourselves and how our consciousness works.

The third major discovery caused me to reflect on inaccurate information, that is still being taught. Case in point is the business about the creators of advanced mathematical techniques. There is no question. the ancient Arabic and Greek thinkers were brilliant, the only point they missed was to cite their references.
Support for this last claim flows from maps, and will provided, as soon as I can compress a lot of technical information.