Once again, we are seeing the teachings of the ancients being reconfirmed. This morning an article came in the mail. The article started with a definition that warmed my heart: Chronobiology is a branch of biology that examines periodic phenomena in the body and how we adapt to solar and lunar related rhythms.

Read for yourself:  https://www.rte.ie/lifestyle/living/2019/0401/1039981-when-do-you-work-best-and-feel-at-your-peak/

Again, the teachings of the ancients are being confirmed, through the relatively new science called Chronobiology.  Finally, the importance of solar and lunar influence is being publicly recognized, outside of the field of astrology. What a gift!

This is a start. As time passes, we will see the importance of external influences on how we think, feel and act. Once again, we must acknowledge our latest discovers are not new discoveries. Maybe more attention should be paid to the teachings not yet confirmed?