It’s been five years since our world was supposed to have ended, according to the Mayans. With the advent of 2013 many people laughed, claiming nothing changed, but lots has changed. No longer is respect, truth or the concept of sharing, valued in any way. A major change is the number of people waking up to the importance of being conscious.

Wide spread awareness of personal consciousness has been one of the strongest developments within this short span of time. The immediate understanding and awareness of personal responsibility can initially scare a person. However, once consciousness has been experienced, there is no going back. Obviously, I am talking about something a little stronger than having our eyes open and smelling the coffee.

I’m talking about the recognition of one’s permanent self, as opposed to the part we dress daily. Does the peace associated with this recognition make life perfect? Of course not. But, it certainly makes facing challenges easier, due to the awareness of increased decision-making capabilities. No one else decides how we act, or think, we do that for our self.

This energy, leading to greater consciousness, had grown daily over the last five years. May you be one of the people who is beginning to recognize its presence.