A map, apparently owned by a Turkish Admiral Piri Re’is, dating from 1513 provided solid evidence of the existence of advanced scientific and mathematical information, long before the common era.  So, what’s the big deal?  Why is this map important? What relevance does this map have to astrology? Isn’t it just another map of the world or a portion thereof? No. The Piri Re’is is one of the factors capable of altering our warped idea about the past. 

The map accurately shows the Atlantic coast of France to the Caribbean and south to Antarctica before it was covered with ice. Take a moment and consider Antarctica has been covered for over 10,000 years. The knowledge of a large land mass under the ice has only recently been discovered.

To make a map of such detail and accuracy the original cartographer needed to have a sophisticated understanding of spherical trigonometry and knowledge of latitude and longitude.  Having an accurate method of keeping time is necessary to find longitude while at sea. An accurate time piece was not known in the 1500’s. However, one was developed 250 years later, during the reign of George III.

Latitude was easier and could be found, more or less, by using a rudimentary tool combined with astronomical observation. However, as Columbus’s diary confirms, errors were common and drastic.  After plotting his position, he decided he was at 40˚when in fact he was at 21˚ in the Caribbean, not in America. Leif Eriksson, a Viking discovered North America 500 years prior to Columbus’s discovery of the Caribbean, yet we’re still led to believe Columbus did it.

The cartographer of the Piri Re’is map needed multiple skills: higher mathematics, the speed and rotation of the earth relative to the Sun and Moon. He or she must have physically got to the recorded lands! Later this topic will come up again in a discussion of how the latitude and longitude play a role in the development of the 30 tithi used in Jyotish and the subsequent 60 phases growing out of a tithi.

For general interest, a tithi is a particular relationship between the Sun and the Moon. Western astrology also refers to a solar-lunar relationship which they refer to as the eight phases of the Moon.

This leads to a discussion of calendars and their uses. For more information about the Piri Re’is map and many others. The Maps of Ancient Sea Kings written by Charles H. Hapgood will answer everyone’s questions. The author presents his scholarly research in a most enjoyable and relaxing way and the book is readily available through Amazon.