Knowledge in DNA

There is ample evidence showing whole strains of humans have come and gone. Maybe we too will be replaced. Maybe our days are numbered? At the moment DNA testing is showing how we are all related to each other, one way or another. According to legend, and DNA research, we certainly aren’t the only critter to fall under the heading of human. Just as there are birds, many different varieties of birds, archeology shows us there have been other forms of human beings.

In 2010 a tooth was discovered. The tooth, first thought to be that of an animal, was two and a half times larger than the size of a current human tooth. To everyone’s surprise the tooth did prove to be from a human. This discovery supports the possibility that the giants, spoken of in the legends from around the world, really existed. 

 In the Greek stories of Atlas, the Japanese stories tell of the Oni, cruel giants that pestered people. There are stories from the Christian bible about Goliath, Jentif from Spain, Gogmagog from Wales, and Kumbhakarna from the Indian classic called the Ramayana.

At the same place, a bone thought to be from a finger, was found. Analysis of this bone shed a bright light on our past, showing our ancestors were not the thugs we made them out to be. Prior to this discovery the Neanderthal were known but not the new group called the Denisovan.

It isn’t uncommon for two different species to procreate. Unfortunately, their offspring are born sterile therefore the new hybrid cannot reproduce. DNA testing has shown this accepted limitation between species didn’t apply to the Neanderthal and Denisovans. They cross-bred and the offspring were not sterile. Today the DNA of the Neanderthal has all but disappeared while the genetic influence of the Denisovans, is alive and well. New knowledge is increasing the probability our ancestors were a lot more advanced than we have given them credit for.

It may be a while before the finer points of Tropical and Sidereal astrology will re-enter the picture, but in order to discuss them, with confidence and understanding many threads must be brought together. Have faith.