The barriers to merging Tropical and Sidereal (Jyotish) astrology are similar to the barriers of understanding consciousness. The arguments used to define an expanded view of consciousness are the same as those needed to understand Jyotish. Basically, consciousness is not tied to matter, it is greater than matter and exists both within and outside matter. Consciousness is energy and energy cannot be destroyed, hence the great value of Jyotish.

The need for scientific materialism to acknowledge the existence of more than mere matter does not include disregarding the great advances made by science to date. Likewise, within an acceptance of Jyotish, there is no hint of discarding the advantages provided by Western Astrology.

A number of scientists and medical practitioners form an International group called the Scientific and Medical Network. Recently the organization compiled a collection of arguments, called The Galileo Commission Report, aimed at expanding scientific methodology to include, and respect, the value of subjective reporting.

The groups’ main contention is that until modern science moves from being materially bound there can be no exploration of consciousness. They highlight the need for materialistic science to embrace subjective reporting. Subjective reporting amply demonstrates evidence of the continuation of consciousness, even when the brain shows no activity. Yet, because the reports are subjective science rejects this evidence. The rejection continues to occur, not for lack of evidence, but rather because the evidence doesn’t fit the prevailing scientific model of consciousness. The notion of consciousness being a product of matter; namely the brain.

The call for greater inclusiveness is based to a large degree on evidence compiled from Near Death Experiences (NDE). The mere mention of NDE challenges our world view and is very threatening to how, we as a people, choose to live and the consequences of our choices. Equally threatening is Jyotish, as an exploration of consciousness and a record of consequences, for each individual.

Once conventional science opens to the possibility of consciousness being greater than matter the value of Jyotish will increase.