There are two sources of ancient knowledge. The oldest first-hand information available about the ‘science’ of the ancients is preserved in astronomically aligned structures like the pyramids and monuments such as Stonehenge etc. The second source of ancient science is called the Veda, the knowledge from an ancient Vedic culture. These two sources of information remind us our ancient relatives were much more than uneducated thugs and cave dwellers. Nor can we continue to assume the roots of all knowledge rest within the last 5000 years.

There are many sources of information available for our scrutiny.

Legends from around the world have spoken of Giants. Now we have evidence that the Giants weren’t the product of imaginations, they did exist. There are stories of Monkey people, the most famous of which is Hanuman, the companion of Lord Ram in the Indian classic called Mahabharata. Skeletal evidence of their existence has been known about for a long time. Unfortunately, due to the arrogance of the reigning species, the intelligence of earlier civilizations was rejected. Based on nothing more than these two examples the words within the legends needs to be read again.

Let’s stop whatever we are doing and contemplate what forms of mathematics and general knowledge would be necessary to align a physical form on earth with stars in the sky. We know the ancients built the pyramids aligned with the stars. The alignment confirms without a doubt their construction occurred in the epoch of 10,500 BC.

We’re catching up with the ancients in terms of using astronomical alignment to secure dating for future generations. Oscar Hansen, the sculptor who designed the terrazzo floor in the Hoover Dam also used a picture of the heavens as they appeared on September 20, 1935 as a permanent dating of the dedication of the Dam. Hansen’s design will accurately reflect the date of dedication for the next 14,000 years should any future generations wish to find out.

The second major source of ancient knowledge the Veda, will be looked at next time. For the moment, allow yourself to ponder the magnitude of information the information we have.